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  • 11/5/17: I added Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake
  • 10/1/17: I have uploaded the blank menu calendars for 2018. You can use them to plan your own menus.
  • 4/8/17: I posted a review of the Best Keto Bread recipe on my blog HERE
  • 3/19/17: I added Smoked Sausage in a Blanket
  • 2/8/17: I added Skillet Caulilfower Gratin
  • 2/1/17: I added Fat Head Pizza
  • 1/31/17: I added Melt in your Mouth Chicken
  • 10/10/16: I added a review of LC-Cheezy Crackers - Fresh Baked on my Low Carb Products page.
  • 9/23/16: I added Salsa Burger Scramble
  • 9/22/16: I have uploaded the blank menu calendars for 2017. You can use them to plan your menus.
  • 6/15/16: I added an update about the Jaffa Whip recipe.
  • 4/4/16: I added Jaffa Whip
  • 2/11/16: I updated my Taco Bake recipe.
  • 2/7/16: I added Faux Junk Wheat Bread Buns
  • 1/8/16: I added an update to the Orange Sour Cream Cakes recipe.
  • 9/26/15: I have uploaded the blank menu calendars for 2016. You can use them to plan your own menus.
  • 9/24/15: I added an update to the Bread & Butter Pickled Jalapeños recipe
  • 8/30/15: I added Butter Chicken
  • 8/22/15: I added an update to my Nacho Taco recipe.
  • 8/1/15: I posted a Stromboli recipe review on my blog HERE. It was very good so check it out.
  • 6/30/15: I've added a photo to the Spicy Sausage Casserole recipe.
  • 6/12/15: I added a review of LC Foods fresh baked NY style bagels on my Low Carb Products page.
  • 5/3/15: I added Nacho Taco
  • 4/16/15: I added an update to the Salsa Sausage Quiche recipe.
  • 4/9/15: I added an update to my Sausage-Mushroom "Dressing" recipe.
  • 3/28/15: I added an update to the Orange Poke Cake recipe.
  • 3/27/15: I added Orange Poke Cake
  • 2/24/15: I updated the Raspberry-Almond Crumb Cake recipe.

    Also, I have signed up for a new hosting service for my website but I'm still waiting for them to do the file transfer. They told me to allow 72 hours but it's been over a week.

  • 1/28/15: I just found out yesterday that I've got until April 1st to move my website to new hosting. I've never had to do this before so I have no idea how long the transfer will take once I settle on a new host. I wanted to let you know in case there is any "down time" during the transition.

  • 1/27/15: I added Broccoli and Chicken Stir-Fry
  • 1/25/15: I added an update to the Pound Cake recipe. I simplified the recipe even more.
  • 12/23/14: I added Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers

  • 12/12/14: The winner of the LC Foods Holiday Giveaway is Doreen K. Scholl from Appleton, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Doreen!

    Thank you all for participating. We may do another contest next year for Valentine's Day.

  • 12/10/14: I added Undercover Chicken
  • 12/7/14: I added Creamy Beef & Vegetable Casserole
  • 11/21/14: I added a review of the LC Foods fresh baked pizza shells on my Low Carb Products page.

  • 11/19/14: The winner of the LC Foods Thanksgiving Package Giveaway is Alex Ott from Vienna, Virginia!!! Congratulations, Alex.

    LC Foods is planning another giveaway for Christmas in a couple of weeks so be sure to watch for the announcement here and on my blog.

  • 11/18/14: I added Queso Blanco Chicken
  • 11/3/14: I added Sloppy Dog Casserole
  • 10/30/14: Due to the amount of spam I was getting, I've changed my contact email address.
  • 10/13/14: I have uploaded the blank menu calendars for 2015. You can use them to plan your own menus.
  • 10/5/14: I've updated the Tuna Casserole III recipe to the way that I make it now.
  • 9/21/14: I added an update to the Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe.
  • 8/29/14: I added a review of LC-Multi Grain Sandwich Bread.
  • 8/27/14: I just added a review of LC-Foods LC-Raspberry Preserves in my Low Carb Products section.
  • 8/25/14: I added an update to the Italian Ricotta Cake recipe.
  • 7/9/14: I added Grilled Ginger-Sesame Chicken Salad
  • 7/6/14: I added a review of Cheesy Garlic Bread. You will want to make this!
  • 6/29/14: I added the Veggetti spiral slicer to my Gadgets page: Veggetti
  • 6/24/14: I added a review of LC Foods LC-White Sandwich Bread in my Low Carb Products & Ingredients section.
  • 6/9/14: I added an update to the Bread & Butter Pickled Jalapeños recipe
  • 6/7/14: I added Mexican Stuffed Peppers
  • 6/3/14: I added Bread & Butter Pickled Jalapeños
  • 5/2/14: I added Cabbage Roll Skillet
  • 4/19/14: I added an update to my Quick Asian Pork Stir-Fry
  • 4/3/14: I added an update to the Strawberry-Banana-Banana recipe.
  • 3/26/14: I added Strawberry-Banana-Banana
  • 3/22/14: I added Low Carb Chicken "Noodle" Soup
  • 3/17/14: I added an update to Chicken Lazone
  • 3/15/14: I added Carrot Cake
  • 3/10/14: I made some updates to the Deep Dish Pizza recipe.
  • 3/9/14: I added Not Pea Soup
  • 3/3/14: I added Coconut Bars

  • 2/15/14: This morning I weeded out a lot of dead links on my Links page. In the process, I found a LOT of them. Also, there seemed to be a lot of blogs and other sites that have been infected by re-direct malware, etc. I apologize if anyone has been infected by these sites because of me. If you know of any good low carb sites that aren't in my list, please let me know.

  • 1/29/14: If you're interested in what I do when I'm not in the kitchen making low carb recipes, here's a link to my brand new blog: Linda's Crafty Inspirations
  • 1/19/14: I added an update to the Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole recipe
  • 1/17/13: I added Layered Nacho Dip
  • 1/16/13: I added Quicker Tuna "Casserole" Quiche
  • 1/10/13: I added Quick Nacho Cheese Dip
  • 1/3/14: I also added an update to the Eggplant Lasagna recipe.
  • 1/3/14: I added an update to my Ranch-Style Salad Dressing Mix recipe.
  • 12/13/13: I added Mushroom Burger Scramble
  • 11/27/13: I added Quick Asian Pork Stir-Fry
  • 11/22/13: I added an update to my My Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 11/4/13: I added Fish Chowder Casserole
  • 10/13/13: I added a new photo to the Chicken Lazone recipe. It's at the bottom of the page.
  • 9/26/13: I added Microwave Eggdrop Soup
  • 9/16/13: I made a correction to my Chinese Fried "Rice" recipe. I forgot to mention what to do with the green onion tops.
  • 9/14/13: I uploaded the blank menu calendars for 2014. They're at the bottom of the page.
  • 8/26/13: I added an update to my Taco Pie recipe.

  • 8/3/13: I just found out that Google has revamped their custom search feature. If you were having trouble with my search box, please give it another try. I've updated it and it should work now. I should warn you that you'll see a lot more ads with the new search feature. There's no way around that without paying Google $100 per year. I'll stick with the free version until I win the lottery.

  • 8/3/13: I added Low Carb Cinnamon Almond Cereal

  • 7/19/13: I've gotten a few emails recently from people who can't get the Google search feature to search my site properly. There's nothing wrong with the search box itself, and it works fine for me, so I can only guess that some browsers or versions of browsers are causing the problem. Or, it might be a Windows update caused the problem if you're using a version of Windows newer than Windows XP, which is what I use. I do have the most recent Google code so there's really nothing for me to fix on my end. However, someone sent me a little trick that you can use if the search box doesn't work for you. Here is what you can do:
    Enter this into Google: "search for these words"

    Replace "search for these words" with your phrase, no quotes needed, that you want to search for on this site.

  • 6/29/13: I added Enchilada Pie
  • 6/18/13: I've moved my new blog to a "real" Blogger page. The blog banner on my home page will take you there or click: In the Kitchen with Linda. Does anyone know how I can back up my Blogger posts and download them to my computer? (UPDATE: I've figured it out)

  • 6/18/13: I updated my blog today.
  • 6/17/13: I added Cheesy Burger Bake

  • 6/16/13 (later): As you can see, I took the plunge and started up my new "blog". There's a banner on the home page that will take you there.

  • 6/16/13: I'm thinking about starting something new on my site but I wanted to see if there would be enough interest in this sort of thing first. What gave me the idea is that our adult son, who's been back living at home with us since my husband's illness a few years ago, is planning on moving out as soon as he can find a place to rent. This will mean that I'll have to be on an even tighter grocery budget because we will no longer have the room and board that he pays us now. But, it will also mean that I won't have to spend money buying things like cereal, soda, chips, ice cream and other high carb foods for him. Plus, I've decided that I will cook strictly low carb for myself and my husband. Although my grocery budget will be much smaller, I think I should be able to save money by only having to cook one kind of food for the two of us. I'll also get to try new low carb recipes again, which is something that I've really been missing.

    So here's my idea. I'm thinking that it will be a sort of blog rather than a daily food diary or list of menus. That way I can post all kinds of things about the way that I shop, what I plan to cook, tricks for saving money and that kind of thing. I might also post what I'll be cooking, and perhaps what we'll be eating, each day but only in a general sort of way and not posting carb counts and quantities of what I'm eating. Of course I could do that now and then if I choose to do so. I'm thinking about posting my shopping bill for the week at the end of each week and will tell you about any really good deals that I've gotten so you can see how I shop and how I save money.

    I'm not sure yet what I will call my "blog". I'm open to ideas. Maybe something along the lines of "The Low Carb Household" or "Living Low Carb on a Budget". Does this sound like something that you'd be interested in reading? I might start up the blog before our son moves out, just to get the ball rolling, but I won't post my shopping lists yet. There are plenty of other things I can write about ahead of time though. One thing I plan to post is an inventory of what I currently have stocked up in my pantry and freezer. You see, I don't really shop for what we're going to eat during the current week, or not completely. I stock up on good deals and sales when I see them and plan my meals around what is already in my freezer/pantry. Really great bargains are harder to find these days than they used to be, but I still keep an eye out for them at all times.

    Let me know what you think of my idea. In the meantime, I've been sorting through my stash of low carb recipes that I'd like to try when the time comes.

  • 6/13/13: I just discovered a tasty way to eat pork rinds that makes them taste a bit like very crispy French fries. I simply dipped them in low carb ketchup. They're also pretty good dipped in low carb BBQ Sauce as well as other kinds of dips. French Onion Dip and Ranch Dip are both very good with pork rinds. To make my Ranch Dip, I mix a little of my homemade Ranch Dressing Mix into some sour cream and let it chill for an hour or so to blend the flavors.

  • 5/14/13: I added Thick & Satisfying Strawberry Shake

  • 4/24/13: It's been brought to my attention that I haven't posted anything here in about a month. So, I thought I'd better post an update to let you all know that I'm still alive and still very much low carb. I just haven't had a chance to try any new recipes in a while. My husband and son don't do low carb and I've mainly been cooking for them and just making quick and easy low carb food for myself.

    I've also recently taken up a fun new hobby that's been taking up a lot of my time: beading. I've become so addicted that it's even cutting into the time I have for my main interest, which is computer graphics. I love making greeting cards and calendars as well as digitally editing old pictures and things like that. Anyway, I've been having loads of fun making all kinds of pretty bracelets and trying new beading patterns. If you'd like to see what kinds of beading patterns I've been making, check out my friend Deb's site: Around the Beading Table. Her patterns are beautiful, easy to follow and not expensive to buy.

  • 3/23/13: I added Magically Moist Almond Cake
  • 3/22/13: I added Peggy's Oven-Fried Chicken
  • 3/17/13: I added another update to the Almond Cheese Rounds recipe.
  • 3/13/13: I added an update to the Almond Cheese Rounds recipe.

  • 3/3/13: While looking through the coupons in the paper this morning, I noticed that the Atkins frozen meals are now available at another store other than Walmart. Randall's has them advertised at 2 for $7.00. I still haven't seen them at Kroger but I don't think I looked there last week.

  • 2/22/13: In the past year or so, I've switched from primarily using Bob's Red Mill almond flour in my recipes to using Honeyville's. I previously thought that the two brands were pretty much identical but I've come to find out that they don't measure the same and this is causing some confusion in regard to my recipes. It turns out that 1 cup of Bob's Red Mill almond flour weighs approximately 4 ounces but 1 cup of Honeyville's only weighs 3 1/8 ounces. This discrepancey might cause you to get poor results if you use the cup measurements listed in some of my recipes. To add to the confusion, if you are using Trader Joe's unblanched almond flour, 1 cup of that weighs 3 1/2 ounces.

    Until I can come up with some sort of conversion chart, I suggest that you go by the weight listed in my recipes for the most accurate results. There's no way that I can remember anymore what brand I was using at the time I made some of my recipes. But, whenever I list the weight, that is how I actually measured the almond flour in that recipe. The cup amount that I listed for some recipes was usually based on the standard "1 cup = 4 ounces" that I thought all almond flour followed. I see now that's not actually accurate but I have no way to go back and adjust them now.

    Here is the break-down:

    • 1 cup Honeyville almond flour = 3 1/8 ounces
    • 1 cup Bob's Red Mill almond flour = 4 ounces
    • 1 cup Trader Joe's unblanched almond flour = 3 1/2 ounces

  • 2/17/13: I added BBQ Cheeseburger Pie
  • 2/13/13: I added Ground Beef Stroganoff
  • 2/13/13: I added another update to the Scones with Almond Flour recipe.
  • 2/10/13: I added an update to the Scones with Almond Flour recipe.
  • 2/10/13: I added Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

  • 2/9/13: I have a request. On Thursday and Friday I had some trouble accessing my website and email accounts. Tech support can't figure out what the problem is and it's intermittent. I had no access for about an hour each time. I'm wondering if anyone else noticed a problem trying to access this site on Thursday afternoon or yesterday evening. If you were unable to open my website on either of those days, please send me a short email letting me know. Below is my email address which you will have to jot down and type into your email program.

  • 2/7/13: Walmart finally had the Atkins Meatloaf with Portobello Mushroom Gravy dinner in stock so I got one today and had it for tonight's dinner. While it has some issues, I think it may be the most filling of all the ones I've tried. It's the only one where the ratio of meat to vegetables is actually about equal or even a little higher. Most of them contain at least 75% vegetables and some have as little as only about 10-15% meat. In the Beef Merlot meal, the meat was more like a flavoring or condiment rather than the main part of the meal. Something that was missing from mine were the mushrooms. There wasn't even one mushroom. And, I think I only saw two or three tiny pieces of zuccini. I've only seen bad reviews of this meal online but I don't think it's any worse than the others. It's not Mom's meatloaf, or anything resembling normal meatloaf, but it's edible and filling. I think this one is a bit higher in carbs than most of the other meals and I did see oats and potato flour on the list. I'm not sure what the Akins company is thinking when it comes to some of the ingredients they put in these.

    Here are the counts:
    320 Calories; 20g Fat; 23g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate (2g sugar); 4g Dietary Fiber; 7g Net Carbs

    click for larger view

  • 2/6/13: Tonight I tried another Atkins frozen meal. This time it was the Italian Sausage Primavera.

    It has a cheesy sauce, tasted pretty good and was surprisingly filling considering that it only contained 2 ounces of sausage. I actually took the meat out and weighed it. That's pretty skimpy for a meal. I'd normally eat at least 4-6 ounces of meat for dinner and can easily eat an 8-12 ounce steak. I could see the cauliflower and green beans in the dish but didn't realize that there was spinach in it until later when I read the package. Anyway, I felt satisfied after eating it but a man might need two of these dinners to have enough to eat. I'm a little surprised at the high total carb count since there isn't enough food in it to account for that many carbs. Here is how it looked after microwaving it (you can click the photo to see a larger version):

    click for larger view

    Here are the nutritional counts:
    330 Calories; 25g Fat; 16g Protein; 10g Carbohydrate (3g sugar); 5g Dietary Fiber; 5g Net Carbs

  • 2/5/13: I added Taco Pie
  • 2/2/13: I added Perfect LC Pancakes

  • 2/2/13: Today I had the CARBmaster Cinnamon Roll yogurt. It has a nice flavor but it's also not very sweet and the flavor is a little weak. The Caramel Spice Cake has a ton of flavor and is much better. None of the new flavors are worth going to a different store for but I will continue to go out of my way for the White Chocolate Raspberry and the Banana Cream Pie flavors.

  • 2/1/13: I tried the CARBmaster Black Forest Cake yogurt this morning. It's not going to be a favorite. It pretty much tastes the same as the regular cherry flavor but with a subtle chocolate undertone. I don't think they made it sweet enough but now I wonder if that's due to the usual chocolate/Splenda issue. That's not likely though because I just checked the ingredient list and there's nothing chocolate on the list unless it's one of the "natural flavors".

  • 1/31/13: I just tried the Key Lime CARBmaster yogurt. It's not terrible but not a flavor that I'd bother to buy again. They used all natural lime flavor in it but I don't think it tastes at all like key lime pie. It's missing the tang and tastes more like lime Jell-O. I have higher hopes for the other two new flavors. I think I'll try the Black Forest Cake tomorrow for breakfast.

  • 1/31/13: I went to the other Kroger store this morning to see if they had those new yogurt flavors in stock yet and they did. I bought some of each of the three new flavors. I will post my opinions of them as I get around to trying them. I was also right about my regular Kroger not carrying the new flavors. They didn't have them.

    Again I looked for some of the Atkins frozen dinners at Walmart today and only had luck finding one of the flavors I've been wanting to try. I got the Italian Sausage Primavera. They were out of the meatloaf dinner, which I would like to try as well. My store apparently isn't going to sell the Chili because there was no shelf tag for that one. So far, no other stores around here are selling the Atkins meals except Walmart.

  • 1/28/13: I added an update to the Almond Cheese Rounds recipe.
  • 1/27/13: I added Almond Cheese Rounds
  • 1/26/13: I added Hamburger Salad and also added an update to the Mock Rice Pudding recipe.

  • 1/24/13: Once again, the Atkins frozen dinners were pretty much sold out at Walmart today. I have five coupons for free ones and I'm hoping to try some of the other flavors if they ever have them in stock. They did have the breakfast ones in stock today but those don't interest me. I'd like to try the meatloaf, the chili and the Italian sausage primavera.

    While I was at Kroger today, I noticed what seemed to indicate that they are going to get some new Carbmaster yogurt flavors. The shelf tags were in place but they didn't have any of them. I saw tags for Black Forest, Key Lime and Cinnamon Roll flavors. I wasn't at my regular Kroger store because that location doesn't sell my favorite White Chocolate Raspberry flavor. I have a feeling that my regular Kroger won't carry the new flavors either so I will have to make a point of checking the other store occasionally to see if they have them in stock. Thankfully my store does carry the Caramel Spice Cake which is my other favorite flavor.

  • 1/21/13: You can now order quite a few LC-Foods products through Netrition. If you go to my Low Carb Products page, you can see which of the products that I've tried are available there. Look for the products in the index with "LC" at the beginning of the product name.

  • 1/15/13: I added Black Bean Cake
  • 1/10/13: I added a new variation to my Basic Almond Flour Muffins.

    Also, I was at Walmart today and noticed that the Atkins meals are nearly sold out except for a couple of flavors. They had the Beef Merlot meal which I think was labeled Burgundy Beef Stew by mistake because there was no shelf tag for Beef Merlot.

  • 1/4/13: My Walmart store finally has the Atkins meals in stock. The breakfast items are $2.98 and the dinners are $3.48. They had all of the flavors except for the Chili con Carne. They also had one that isn't mentioned on the Atkins site. It's called Burgundy Beef Stew. I don't recall if they had that one in stock or if I only saw the shelf tag. A few of them were already sold out.

  • 12/22/12: I was at Walmart yesterday so I looked to see if they have the Atkins frozen dinners in stock. No sign of them yet at my store.
  • 12/17/12: I updated Lori's Snickerdoodles and added a new photo.
  • 12/12/12: I added Pork & Mushrooms in Gravy

  • 12/10/12: A few days ago I received three frozen Atkins meals to sample and review. These are brand new and are just becoming available at most Walmart stores. The meals I got were Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Beef Merlot and Roast Turkey Tenders with Herb Pan Gravy. My first reaction was disappointment upon reading the ingredients in all three. They all contain an assortment of starches including maltodextrin, potato starch, potato flour, resistant maltodextrin and modified food starch. However, the labels do state that they contain less than 2% of those things. All three 9-ounce meals contain soy products.

    First I tried the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo for lunch. At first glance the amount of chicken seemed a little skimpy but there actually was plenty and it was a satisfying meal for me. There was just the right amount of broccoli to go with the chicken so that I got some of each in every bite once I'd cut up some of the larger chunks of meat. Everything was well-coated with the sauce.

    I microwaved the dinner and the suggested time was just right. Everything was nicely flavored and I detected a hint of nutmeg in the Alfredo sauce. The chicken was well-seasoned and not over-cooked or dry. There were a few tougher bits on the edges of some of the chicken pieces but that's to be expected when microwaving meat. The broccoli was cooked just right with only the slightest bit of crunch to it and there were mostly tender florets. The sauce could have been a little thicker to account for the steam from cooking diluting it but then they'd have to add even more starch and thickening gums which might give the sauce an unpleasant consistency.

    Here's the break-down for the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo meal:
    330 Calories; 20g Fat; 26g Protein; 9g Carbohydrate (1g sugar); 4g Dietary Fiber; 5g Net Carbs

    Here is how the meal looked before and after cooking (you can click the photos to see larger views):

    click for larger view click for larger view

    Next I tried the Beef Merlot meal. It has the flavor of slow-cooked pot roast with a hint of wine. There was very little meat in mine which hopefully was just a fluke. After microwaving as directed, I ended up with only two bite-size pieces of beef and a few shreds of beef scattered throughout the broccoli and gravy. One of the two pieces was a little hard and chewy but it did taste good. I had to eat the meal with a spoon because it was more like a thick soup or stew with an emphasis on the broccoli rather than meat. I'd estimate that there was no more than a total of an ounce or two of beef. I thought that the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo meal at least looked a little bit like the photo on the box but compare the product photo of the Beef Merlot dinner above with the photo I took of mine after cooking it. You'd never guess they were the same meal.

    Here are the counts for the Beef Merlot dinner:
    310 Calories; 21g Fat; 16g Protein; 9g Carbohydrate (3g sugar); 3g Dietary Fiber; 6g Net Carbs

    click for larger view click for larger view

    Lastly, I tried the Roast Turkey Tenders with Herb Pan Gravy. Of the three, this was my least favorite. It looked the prettiest but I'm not wild about the flavor of rosemary or thyme. This one had plenty of meat but it was slightly chewy and tough. Dark meat turkey, or a combination of dark and white, might have been nicer. The food needed some salt and the green beans could have been cooked a little longer. They were a little crunchy. It's kind of funny that the photo on the front of the package shows the green beans off to the side of the turkey yet the instructions tell you to stir everything together during the cooking. In this instance, I think that my photo of the meal looks much more appetizing than the one on the box.

    Here are the counts:
    360 Calories; 23g Fat; 23g Protein; 10g Carbohydrate (3g sugar); 4g Dietary Fiber; 6g Net Carbs

    click for larger view click for larger view

    Although I don't have the budget for buying frozen meals, and prefer my own home cooking, I do think that all three of these meals were at least somewhat tasty and filling and would be great for those who don't cook and need something quick and easy to prepare that will help them stay on their low carb diet. If the beef dinner had a more reasonable portion of meat in it, that would be my favorite of the three. The Chicken Alfredo is my second choice and the Roast Turkey comes in third.

    Because of some of the questionable ingredients, I wouldn't use these products on a regular basis but they're certainly tasty and satisfying enough to use occasionally in a pinch. I haven't heard what the retail price will be on these. The Atkins frozen meals will be available at Walmart this Saturday, December 15th, and I've heard that some Walmart stores already have them. You should also start seeing them in other grocery stores beginning in January. Here's a list of the varieties that will be available:

    • Tex-Mex Scramble - Scrambled eggs with zesty Chorizo sausage, American cheese, fire-roasted tomatoes and mild green chile peppers
    • Farmhouse-style Sausage Scramble - Scrambled eggs with custom-made sausage, American cheese, green & red bell peppers and fire-roasted onions
    • Meatloaf with Portobello Mushroom Gravy - Custom premium meatloaf topped with Portobello mushroom gravy and a side of cauliflower florets, fire roasted zucchini and green beans
    • Roast Turkey Tenders with Herb Pan Gravy - Slices of oven-roasted turkey topped with a delicate rosemary and thyme herb pan gravy and a side of French-cut green beans sprinkled with bell peppers.
    • Italian Sausage Primavera - Custom made Italian sausage with cauliflower, green beans and spinach in a creamy Parmesan Romano cheese and red pepper sauce
    • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo - Premium grilled white meat chicken breast and broccoli florets in a real Parmesan and Romano Alfredo cheese sauce
    • Crustless Chicken Pot Pie - Premium white meat chicken breast, broccoli & cauliflower florets, spinach and julienne carrots in a sherry & herb cream sauce
    • Beef Merlot - Tender beef in a delicate Merlot wine sauce with broccoli florets
    • Chili con Carne - Premium USDA ground beef, tomatoes, green & red bell peppers in a hearty chili sauce topped with Cheddar cheese

  • 11/30/12: I just uploaded the blank menu calendars for next year: 2013 Menu Calendars
  • 11/15/12: I was looking at the sugar free Great Value brand drink mixes at Walmart today and noticed a new flavor: Mango. The interesting thing is that it's sweetened with Splenda instead of Aspartame. I checked a few other flavors that also had updated labels on them but they were all still sweetened with Aspartame. Another difference with the Mango drink mix is that the label says there's 1 carb per serving rather than the usual zero carbs. The odd thing is that they list zero calories. Most drink mixes have 5 calories per serving (and list zero carbs, which does't make sense either) and this one obviously does too because 1 carb has about 4 calories. As far as I'm concerned, they all have 1 carb per serving and that's how I count them. Here are the ingredients in the Mango drink mix:

    INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium citrate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, less than 2% gum arabic, ascorbic acid, caramel color, titanium dioxide, yellow 5, calcium silicate, dehydrated mango pulp, magnesium oxide, yellow 5 lake, yellow 6, yellow 6 lake

  • 11/8/12: I've updated my Coconutty Crunch once again and added new carb counts.
  • 10/27/12: I added an update to my Pizza Toppings Casserole recipe.
  • 10/26/12: I added Chicken Lazone
  • 10/8/12: I've added an update to my Broccoli Salad because I've adjusted the counts.
  • 9/24/12: I haven't posted this as an actual recipe but I wanted to share a tasty tuna salad idea. It's basically my usual tuna salad recipe but I added halved grape tomatoes to it today because I had some to use up. Since I eat this as a salad, rather than making a sandwich with it, I like to leave the hard boiled eggs in large chunks. Here's how I made it today:

    Mix 2 small cans of tuna with 6 chopped hard boiled eggs, some mayonnaise, sugar free sweet pickle relish and a dash of pepper. Throw in some halved grape tomatoes.

  • 9/6/12: While shopping today, I discovered a yummy new flavor of CARBmaster yogurt at Kroger. It's called Caramel Spice Cake. The emphasis is on the caramel flavor and not so much on spice. In fact, I didn't really taste any spices and I'm glad about that. It might be my new favorite CARBmaster flavor now that they've discontinued the White Chocolate Raspberry.

  • 9/3/12: I added Scones with Almond Flour
  • 8/31/12: I added Barbo's Dark Onion Rye Bread.
  • 8/26/12: I added Smoked Gouda Cauliflower

  • 8/16/12: I bought some of Trader Joe's unblanched almond meal last week and I'm pleased to report that it tastes just as good as the blanched kind. A couple years ago I tried another brand of unblanched almond flour and it was terrible. It tasted so bitter that I threw it out as well as whatever it was I made with it and I was afraid to try unblanched again until now. The Trader Joe's brand is not bitter at all but it will make your baked goods look a little ugly because of the dark specs of almond skin. If you can ignore the appearance, you'll save a lot of money using it compared to blanched almond flour. It's $3.99 per pound vs. at least $11.00 per pound for Bob's Red Mill and about $6.89 per pound for Honeyville's.

  • 8/11/12: I added a photo of the Lemon Dream Cheesecake with a crust.
  • 8/10/12: I added another update to the Lemon Dream Cheesecake recipe with counts that include a crumb crust and less lemon curd. I will post a new photo tomorrow.
  • 8/10/12: I made a correction in the amount of butter in my Cookie Crust recipe. I also added an update to my Lemon Dream Cheesecake and Charski's Lemon Curd recipe.

  • 7/30/12: I've had them in my freezer for a while and finally tried Trader Joe's haricots verts from France today. They're long, very thin frozen green beans. You get 24 ounces for only $1.99. I will definitely buy them again.

  • 7/29/12: I added Basic Almond Flour Muffins. I also added an update to the Creamsicle Jello recipe.

  • 7/26/12: I've got bad news for those who buy Body Fortress whey protein powder. I've been buying that brand for years because it was the cheapest brand I could buy. A couple years ago, they increased the carb count but only by about 1 carb per serving which wasn't too bad. Well, I'm sorry to say that they've more than doubled the carbs this time. I'm so glad that I took the time to read the label today instead of just assuming that it was still the same product I'd been buying. There are now 7 carbs per scoop! The old formula had 3 carbs for the vanilla flavor per scoop.

    I was puzzled at first as to why the numbers had changed because all of the other nutrient counts remained exactly the same as before. They did change the size of the scoop from 33 grams to 37 grams but that shouldn't make that much difference. I compared the ingredient lists on the old and new containers and it took me a few minutes to spot the glaring difference. They've added maltodextrin to the formula. It's no longer suitable for low carbers which is really a shame. Luckily Kroger still had a jar of the old formula in stock but it was at least $6.00 more than I would have paid at Walmart. It's still cheaper than any other brand though. Most brands are at least that price for less than half the amount of whey powder.

    I have quite a few recipes on my site where the carb counts are based on Body Fortress whey. It would be too time-consuming for me to search for all of them and add a warning not to use that brand but I will try to remember to do that whenever I happen to spot one of those recipes.

  • 7/21/12: I updated my cocoa review: Cocoa Powder
  • 7/19/12: I added a review of a new brand of sugar free syrups that I found at Dollar Tree.
  • 7/18/12: I added this update to my Tasty-Free sweetener review: I definitely don't recommend Tasty-Free. The bottle keeps crusting up so badly that I can't squeeze anything out. It's even crystalizing inside the bottle and not just the nozzle.

  • 7/17/12: I added an update to the Buttered Almond Crème Brûlée recipe.

    I also have an update on those three iPhone apps that had my stolen recipes and photos in them. I posted here about them back in May. I got an email from Apple yesterday letting me know that the issue has finally been resolved and all three apps have been removed from the iTunes store.

  • 7/11/12: I added a few new product reviews to my Low Carb Products section. I added LC-Banana Smoothie from LC-Foods, Coconut Oil from Trader Joe's and Cocoa Powder from Penzey's and Trader Joe's. I also added Pork Jowl Bacon and Sunflower Kernels, also from Trader Joe's. Although I didn't add them to the product section, I wanted to mention here that I've discovered that Trader Joe's has better prices than Walmart on nuts for baking. Here are some of the comparisons:

    Sliced or slivered raw almonds:

    • 8 ounces for $2.49 Trader Joe's ($4.98lb)
    • 5 ounces for $2.18 Walmart ($6.97lb)

    Pecan pieces:

    • 8 ounces for $4.99 Trader Joe's ($9.98lb)
    • 10 ounces for $6.68 Walmart ($10.68lb)

  • 7/9/12: I added an update to my Coconutty Crunch recipe.

  • 7/7/12: I decided it was time to start a new update page, and archive the old one, because it was getting very long. It covered a four year span.

  • 7/6/12: I added Lemon Butter Cookies and Cauliflower & Ham Salad.
  • 7/1/12: I added a photo to the Slow Cooker Barbecue Pork recipe.
  • 6/30/12: I added Slow Cooker Barbecue Pork
  • 6/24/12: I added Sweet & Spicy Asian Fish. I also added a review of Tasty-Free liquid Splenda in my Products section.
  • 6/15/12: I added Frozen Cucumber Pickles
  • 6/8/12: I added Strawberry Fool
  • 6/4/12: I added MIM Sandwich Bread
  • 5/30/12: I added Bananas Foster Muffins
  • 5/28/12: I added an update to my Mushroom Chicken and Sausage Casserole recipe. I also added an update to the Fluffy Biscuits recipe and added a new gadget to my Gadgets section.

  • 5/27/12: I added Mocha Creme Custard

  • 5/23/12: I've got an update on the copyright infringement issue. This morning I sent an email to Apple's legal department and I got a reply back from them this afternoon. They contacted Joviant Technologies and told them to take care of this matter right away. They sent me a copy of the email that was sent to Joviant. I'm very pleased at Apple's prompt response and hopefully this will be resolved quickly. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

  • 5/23/12: I added a review of Low Carb Nutter Butters.


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