Almond Torani tastes just like almond extract or maraschino cherries; it's a little strong so go easy on it
Almond Roca Torani tastes a lot like Da Vinci's English Toffee flavor, but milder
Banana Da Vinci could be a bit sweeter, not bad, but a bit like banana candy, too weak in Panna Cotta
Black Cherry Torani I love this flavor
Blueberry Da Vinci I can't quite decide if I like this one. It tastes realistic but has an odd aftertaste
Brown Sugar Nature's Flavors butterscotch flavor, nothing like brown sugar, odd tang, used in Flaxmeal Cinnamon Muffins
Butter Toffee Artisan Coffee Roasters weak, chemical flavor, not very sweet
Caramel Da Vinci pretty realistic caramel flavor, but only about half as sweet as Torani, weak flavor
Caramel Torani very nice flavor, but more like butterscotch than caramel, wonderful in Panna Cotta
Chocolate Torani very weak chocolate flavor, but might make a nice mocha flavor if added to coffee
Coconut Da Vinci nice flavor, but a little weak and not as sweet and flavorful as Torani
Coconut Torani nice flavor, somewhat realistic, a bit weak in Panna Cotta, more flavor than Da Vinci
Coffee Torani very nice, realistic coffee flavor, lovely in Panna Cotta
Dulce de Leche Da Vinci reminds me of sugar-coated buttery popcorn, such as Fiddle Faddle or like butterscotch pudding
English Toffee Da Vinci very nice flavor, a bit like caramel popcorn
French Vanilla Da Vinci very nice, stronger flavor than Torani's, reminds me of toasted marshmallows
French Vanilla Torani very nice, mild flavor, reminds me of marshmallows
Grape Da Vinci not very sweet, tastes like Koolaid, it works pretty well in a cocktail meatball recipe
Hazelnut Da Vinci nice in coffee, nothing like real hazelnuts, but a pleasant flavor
Kahlua Da Vinci nice, realistic flavor, almost has an alcohol nip to it, but not quite, I will try this in my Tiramisu sometime
Peppermint Torani tastes like a candy cane, but with a hint of vanilla and cream, very nice in homemade ice cream
Pineapple Da Vinci realistic flavor, very good in Pineapple Meatballs
Praline Da Vinci nice, hints of caramel, maple and honey-nut
Unflavored Nature's Flavors ok for sweetening without adding flavor, but has an odd tang
Raspberry Da Vinci not very sweet and very weak flavor, kind of like Kool-Aid, not as realistic as Torani
Raspberry Torani tastes a bit like cough medicine if you use too much, otherwise it tastes pretty realistic, very sweet
Strawberry Da Vinci has almost no flavor, and nothing like strawberries
Tiramisu Artisan Coffee Roasters nice flavor, but weak, half as sweet as Da Vinci and Torani
Toasted Marshmallow Da Vinci nasty, tastes like sweetened liquid smoke, no marshmallow flavor
Vanilla Da Vinci adds a nice flavor to desserts, but not quite realistic vanilla flavor and slightly acidic
Vanilla Torani more realistic vanilla flavor than Da Vinci, but not quite as strong
White Chocolate Torani doesn't really have much flavor, slight vanilla taste, ok in coffee, but wouldn't use in recipes